How To Make Incredible Cinematography From The Comfort Of Your Home

In this season of isolation, we as filmmakers are being pushed to come up with innovative ways to enhance our skills and continue making quality content, but how do we do that when all our equipment is back at the office?

Despite the lack of equipment we can still make incredible pieces of art with common household items and lighting. 

It’s time for us to challenge our thinking and utilize each and every tool we have at our disposal. The season we are in is one of great potential for filmmakers, as it forces us to break the barriers of what we think filmmaking is like and bring forth imaginative possibilities. 

YouTube channel, Film Riot, posted a video about DIY Cinematography from home. The video covers different ways two of their staff created smartphone films that looked as good as camera quality by adjusting the lighting in their own homes. It’s fascinating and inspiring in how it shows there truly are no barriers on what we can achieve when we put our minds to it. 

The contrast between the two example’s is astounding as it shows how much depth we can bring to a scene even with minimal resources. 

I challenge you to take inspiration from this video and create a short of your own using only items from your house to create a dynamic and sublime product.


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