For The Love of Film

I am here because I love film.

I am here because I am a filmmaker.

I looked around in my office recently and realized I was surrounded by people who love film as much as I do.

So I decided to see what they love about films and why they are filmmakers.

Charis Jackson

I love movies because I love story. I love going and visiting another world for a few hours. I am a filmmaker because it makes my heart sing. I want to give the world more great stories. Being a filmmaker is something that requires a lot of me but it is a job I never get tired of because I am constantly being stretched.”

Matthew Schmidt

I love films because they take me into other worlds. They show me life in a new way. They challenge and change the way I think. I am a filmmaker because I want to give people everything that film has given me.”

Brenden Bell

I love movies because of the feeling I get when Han Solo comes back just in time to help Luke destroy the Death Star. I love movies because of the hours and hours of my life that I’ve spent processing life from a different persons perspective. I am a filmmaker because I believe that a well told story can change the world. I love being a part of the beauty that is creation. They’re is no better feeling than seeing people connect emotionally with your art. I also like being poor and working long hours.”

Josias Jensen

I love movies because they transport me to a different world, they entertain me, they thrill me and pull on my heart strings. I love how they cause me to ask questions and bring revelation in my life. I make movies because I was born with this desire to create and I simply can’t help it whether that means making movies, writing and performing music, being creative and crafty etc.”

Jay Evans

I love movies because they take you where I’ve never been before and show me the world from a different perspective. I love how they entertain but also challenge me and have the power to change me. I am a filmmaker because I love puzzles and putting a film together is finding all the different pieces of the puzzle that fit nicely together to make a piece of art. I want to be able to express my thoughts to the world in the form of art which can be interpreted in very personal ways. I want to ask challenging questions that make people feel uncomfortable and you can get away with that in a movie.”

Hilary Dorst

I love movies for the feeling of amazement watching Star Wars for the first time. I love movies for the giddy excitement of going on an adventure with some well loved characters form literature. I am a filmmaker because I express my self visually. I love seeing how people react to something I created. I love how films make you re-evaluate yourself as a person while making it. I love seeing stories come to life and anywhere that I wanted to be a part of it.”

Hanna Winkelmann

I love film, because films have been part of my life since I was little and to me there is no better way of storytelling. Also it’s just a great way of building connections. I am a filmmaker, because filmmaking is a great way to show truth and impact and fascinate people worldwide – and I feel like this is the best way I can serve my generation.

Jonathan Proby

I love movies because of their ability to transport me to somewhere I’ve never been. I love how they inspire me to be a better person. I am a filmmaker because I want to be part of changing the world. I want to inspire people with new and challenging stories. I want to inspire and help others into the industry. I am a filmmaker because I love seeing a large group of people working in syncopation towards a common goal.”

I believe the people you work is what makes or breaks the working experience. I am lucky to work with people who care and have passion for bringing exciting art to the world.

We would love to hear from you.

What do you love about movies?



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