Do We Really Need Another Pirates of the Caribbean?

    Now the question naturally arises for all who enjoyed these popular movies: “Do we need another pirates of the Caribbean? Wasn’t four enough? (Make that three.) Wasn’t three enough?” To which I would reply: “Well obviously not.”

    Most people walked away from the fourth film, On Stranger Tides, scratching their heads. Personally I liked it. It was fun and entertaining, it wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t boring either. People didn’t like having Jack Sparrow in the spotlight, which seemed to be one of the biggest issues.

    But I think the biggest problem with the fourth film was the lack of ship-to-ship battles and Commodore Norrington.

    Thing is with the fourth, there were so many pirate things. Which then leads me to conclude people want interesting characters, not just a bunch of pirate stuff. Which I guess makes sense.

    All of this being said, I came up with some reasons why we do need another pirate film and some reasons why it might be a bad idea.

    Reasons why this might be a good idea:

    Some of the reasons why this film may be good is it could be a redeeming film for those who didn’t enjoy On Stranger Tides. From the looks of the trailer and some plot information, it looks like the story will be closer to the story of Curse of the Black Pearl.

    The dead crew of the new film is similar to the dead crew in the first film, maybe a little too similar, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Another thing going for the next film is it looks like the focus will be less on Jack, and more on the journey of Will Turner’s son.

    Now whether this is the case or not, there’s potential for a story we fell in love with in the beginning.

    The biggest complaint from people about the later films is Sparrow became the centre point and Will and Elizabeth’s story had to play second fiddle. Which is a logical complaint.

    But I think this will be a film closer to the fans desires. Let’s give the filmmakers some credit and hope for the best.

    Reasons why it might be a bad idea:

    All this being said, it could be a bad idea. For one, it’s most likely made for the sole purpose of making a whole lot of money. Which could be said of a lot of blockbusters. However, when it comes to a series which doesn’t need another movie, most likely the goal is to make a profit.

    Another thing which presents a potential problem is the film will be like the fourth, which is considered the weakest of the series. In fact, only the first film is well loved.

    There’s also the argument the trailer doesn’t look good, which means the film probably won’t be great either. Now whether you agree with this or not, it’s an interesting point.

    Then there’s the problem with the overuse of CGI. While it served a good purpose in the first film, a common complaint is it’s used too much, which looks like it could be the case for the next instalment of the pirates franchise.

    What do you think?

    The movie can either be new and follow the story of Will’s son, making it a good film or it could easily trend the same path the fourth film went down.

    Personally, I’m ready to give it a shot. It looks entertaining and fun, as pirate movies should be. I hope it’s not a flop, but it could be. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be a masterpiece with a creative original story and well-developed characters facing a three-dimensional bad guy.

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    • Keaton is an actor and writer who works with the Initiative Production Company in Brisbane, Australia. Native to Alaska, he enjoys staring at the stars while contemplating the meaning of life.


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