Spider-man: Homecoming Is The Best Spider-man Movie Yet

***Major Spoilers***

This work of creative genius blew me away. I came in with little to no expectations and left having fun, learning a bit, and enjoying superhero movies again. Like, this is the movie you need to see this summer.

If you accept Tom Holland as Spider-man and like a little bit of Ironman, then you won’t have a problem.

I’ll go even farther to say this Spider-man movie is the best one made yet. Yes, even better than Spider-man 2. Here’s why it’s true.

The first aspect of the film which is so good is the themes and the balance between superhero life and high school life.

The balance between both worlds works seamlessly and I actually found it quite profound. It dealt a lot with Peter having to make decisions for his future and tough life decisions. They were things we can all relate with.

I could so easily relate to Parker, (I am Spider-man) and the struggles he faced as a high schooler. To me, if a movie can make you think about your future, then it’s got some good depth to it. A big thing too was, unlike the first few Spider-man films, which I also enjoyed, this one actually felt like high school students in high school. Not guys and girls in their mid-twenties.

The second thing which made this version stand above the rest were the twists and moments of tension. This film did excellently in revealing key elements at the right moments. For instance, when Peter finds out about the identity of Vulture, it’s as he’s taking the Vulture’s daughter to prom.

I was clutching my seat when the Vulture started to realise that Peter was Spider-man. It was an intense scene between the two guys.

And the element of the love interest’s dad being the villain is something we haven’t seen before in other Spider-man movies. Usually the father is a police commissioner. But this time there’s so much at stake with Peter, because he has to choose between the girl he likes and putting her criminal father behind bars.

The third reason this movie is the best Spider-man movie was because it doesn’t tread where the other films have been before.

It doesn’t show uncle Ben’s death for a third time, nor does it show how he gets bitten by a radioactive spider, they kind of skip over it, which was nice, because by this point most of us know the story.

It was refreshing that they spent more time showing the balance between his two very different lives. And they did such a good job at it that I was never left feeling bored or confused, just entertained, and impacted. Things we look for in a film, right? Honestly, I just want to see it again. So if you have any reservations in seeing the third remake of this franchise, as I did before it came out, don’t worry. It’s good, and really fun.


  • Keaton is an actor and writer who works with the Initiative Production Company in Brisbane, Australia. Native to Alaska, he enjoys staring at the stars while contemplating the meaning of life.


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