Do You Like Problem Solving? Try Filmmaking!

Whether you’re in a creative industry or not, every job is going to have some level of problem-solving. With managing sales you need to increase profits, figure out what works, and if something isn’t working you need to fix it! If you’re a car mechanic, you are literally fixing car problems as your job. But filmmaking is one of the few jobs where you get to be incredibly creative with how you solve problems.

Director David Sandberg (Shazam, Annabelle; Creation, Lights out), recently broke down his 2019 blockbuster, Shazam, and showed two different scenes in which some creative problem solving had to take place.

What do you do when your background has crew members in it? Reshoot? No that would take to long. Completely CGI them out? Maybe. But because the scene takes place in a shopping center, who’s to say they can’t just CGI some shopping bags in their hands?

Well, that’s exactly what they did, and it’s a genius way to solve a problem.

Check out the video for some great filmmaking advice on how to be effective and creative when solving problems!



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