This Looks Like A Cutting Edge Film

Are you a fan of tenacious movies? If so, Swallow might be right up your alley, a physiological thriller that centers around a young housewife living a happy married life, but it just seems too perfect, the house, her husband, so what’s the deal? Problems arise when she becomes pregnant and develops Pica, a desire to eat inedible objects. 

So with everything being so perfect it makes me wonder what is going on underneath the facade.  Does her husband have something to do with her disorder? Does she need control? Or is her pregnancy making her really unstable?  

The film is directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis, Swallow marks his first directorial debut, and stars Haley Bennent (A Girl On the Train), Austin Stowell, and Elizabeth Marvel (Homeland). 

This film might be hard to swallow but definitely looks worth the watch according to the striking reviews from the Tribeca Film Festival. Swallow is set to be released on the 6 of March in the USA, the trailer has quite the tenacious grip and might even have you gagging. 



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