He Wrote a Feature Film in 48 Hours: You Can Too! Watch How

Tyler Mowery, an inspiration to writers everywhere, took on an incredible challenge to write a feature length screenplay in only 48 hours, and my goodness he did it! This huge victory didn’t come without its own battles though. Along the way he faced a lot of doubt, fear, and the biggest enemy of all … PROCRASTINATION. *thunder and lightning crashes* He needed to remind himself of the reason he took on this challenge in the first place. It wasn’t to create the greatest screenplay in the history of screenplays. It wasn’t to show people what an incredible writer he is. It was to prove to himself and his viewers that it’s possible to write your first draft in as little as two days. The moment he completed the script and threw his fists into the air, exhausted but victorious, is my absolute favorite part. 

“As long as a story stays in your head or in your outline, it’s not real. When you get it out onto the page you can actually see all of its holes and problems. And then you can face them head on and find ways to solve them.”

Tyler Mowery

You need to be willing to seek discomfort. No matter how much you don’t want to do it, you need to get the idea out and onto the page so you can begin rewriting. Otherwise it’s just an idea floating around in your head doing absolutely no good. Imagine a world where your favorite movies were never created because someone didn’t take the initiative to write that first draft. So to all the creatives and dreamers out there, what are the ideas in your brain that need to get onto the page, and do you have the courage to take that first step?



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