20 Of The Most Anticipated Films For 2020

2020 is definitely another year for creative films. There are so many movies in store that will have audiences pleased based on what’s already hit theaters in January.

I’ve put together a list of films (mostly) scheduled to be released in the remainder of the year that I’m willing to pay to see.

Honey Boy

This one may have been out for a while in the US but has yet to reach Australia. Based on current reviews, I have no reason not to be excited. Written by, and starring Shia LaBeouf Honey Boy appears to be loosely based on his own life, making the story a personal one.

Uncut Gems

Another one that’s already been released, this Netflix Original, starring Adam Sandler, with a surprisingly excellent performance, is one that has gained popularity among the critics but mixed reviews by audiences. Based on these facts alone, I’m intrigued.

The story is based around New York Jeweller Howard Ratner as he struggles to survive in the cut throat business of precious gem trading. 

After coming across an incredibly rare black opal, Howard is thrown in over his head when he juggles his personal life while trying to pay back people he owes by selling this gem at auction.

I hear it’s a stressful film to watch, but apparently Sandler kills it in the acting department.

Palm Springs

There isn’t much info about this film yet, except that the concept has a similar, yet fresh take on Groundhog Day.

The film stars Andy Samburg and Cristin Milioti as the two main characters trapped, unable to escape a wedding venue, themselves, or each other.

Palm Springs did quite well at Sundance Film Festival and currently has a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Birds Of Prey

Being released as I write this article, the latest instalment in the DC universe is already doing well so fingers crossed it will also do well for my own incredibly subjective standards.

Birds of Prey stars the popular character Harley Quin, and is a sequal to the mostly unpopular DC movie Suicide Squad. 

Harley Quin learns what it means to be her own person, not living in the Jokers Shadow. However, now without his protection she must deal with the repercussions of her accumulated actions after many years of doing what she wants.

Horse Girl

Only recently released, this mind bending Netflix Original is already worth watching in my opinion based on Alison Brie’s performance in the trailer alone.

Brie’s character, Sarah, spirals into a crazy world of “what’s real? what’s not real?” She hears the future, she might be a clone, somehow aliens are involved…

Horse Girl has some mixed reviews by critics, so you will just have to make up your own mind about this one.

Richard Jewell

Based on true events, and performances worthy of oscar nominations, Richard Jewell, directed by Clint Eastwood, is about a security guard blamed for an explosion at the 1996 Olympic Games.

This film seems like it needs to be seen … by me. And everyone else. But also by me, mainly because I gravitate towards stories of justice and truth.

The Invisible Man

When you search ‘Invisible Man’ on IMDb, you’re likely to find several different projects including a 2000’s tv series of the same name that me as an 11 year old with bad taste thought was incredible, so you can imagine it can’t be hard to beat that.

Thankfully, the trailer to 2020’s The Invisible Man looks exciting.

After her abusive ex dies, Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) starts to suspect someone is hunting her, someone no one can see. 

A Quiet Place Part II

Now this one I know will be great. Directed by Jim Halp– uh, I mean John Krasinsky, A Quiet Place Part II is definitely one of this year’s most anticipated sequels after the success of the first one.

A Quiet Place centers around a world where creatures sensitive to all kinds of noises will hunt and kill any living being making even the slightest sound.

From the trailer it appears we’ll see more of the world the ‘Abbott’ family lives in, played by Emily Blunt and John Krasinsky, more of where the creatures came from and what happens after the end of the first story.


Who would have thought Jesse Eisenberg would star in yet another quirky ‘what-the-heck-just-happened’ movie? You guessed it, everyone. I’m certainly ready to have my mind messed with for 100 minutes.

On the market for a new house, Tom and Gemma played by Jessie Eisenberg and Imogen Poots find themselves trapped in a seemingly endless labyrinth of identical suburban homes.


A Disney live-action remake I’m actually willing to pay and see. 

As a fan of the animated version I’m excited to see an actual fresh take of this story (which is apparently closer to the real events now), rather than a shot for shot remake of a movie that didn’t need to be re-made.

New Mutants

Will it actually be released this year? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve been wanting to see this film for about 15 years now, and unless there are any more setbacks I’ll finally be able to tick it off my list. 

The New Mutants has been taking quite a while to actually be released after Disney and Fox have merged (since The New Mutants is an X-Men movie and Fox owns… or should I say ‘owned’ the rights to X-Men until Disney acquired Fox).

The New Mutants was in the middle of this acquisition so, a long story short, it remained in movie limbo for quite some time. 

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios has been hinting at the X-Men joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe so the question I’ve been asking myself is, ‘Is The New Mutants to remain part of the old X-Men universe, or will it join the current MCU?’

I can’t wait to find out.

Monster Problems

You probably haven’t heard about this movie, and I don’t blame you. There’s no trailer, official poster or anything, but I am a sucker for those dystopian teen survival flicks.

Essentially the story follows a young man learning to survive a monster apocalypse… giving him ‘Monster Problems…’ (que audience groaning in apathy at that awful dad joke).

Promising Young Woman

This revenge thriller about a woman trapping men with bad intentions is probably going to be hard to watch but I’m interested to see where it goes. 

With a list of amazing actors such as Carey Mulligan, Jennifer Collidge, Molly Shannon, and Alison Brie to name a few, Promising Young Woman has already received some great reviews and is the first film written and directed by Emerald Fennel. Something tells me we’ll see more from her in the future.

Black Widow

There’s literally no reason for me to try and convince you why I’m excited for this movie because I, along with millions of others, am an MCU fan, and I’m not ashamed to say in this case Disney can take my money.


‘What-did-I-just-watch?’ is what I expect to be thinking when I see this. Based on the teaser, I’m intrigued. 

From the producer of Us and Get Out, the story seems to involve slavery, time jumps and perhaps a monster? I don’t know. I do know it looks trippy.

The Woman In The Window

A seemingly ‘Hitchcockian’ story this film looks like a mashup of Gone Girl, Rear Window, Panic Room, and Unknown. But aren’t all movies inspired by other movies now? 

It does seem like this one will have a fresh take on the mind bending genre, especially with a phenomenal actress like Amy Adams.

Wonder Woman 1984

With the success of the first Wonder Woman film, I’m completely confident director Patty Jenkins will present to us another reason to give DC one more chance.


Let’s be honest, I’ll watch anything made by Christopher Nolan regardless of how much of it makes sense. 

Not much has been revealed about the plot of this film yet, but it does involve international espionage, time travel and evolution, which very much sounds like a typical Nolan film.

Last Night In Soho

There’s not much we know about it yet, but a psychological thriller by Edgar Wright has my attention.

I do know it’s about a young London fashion designer who is mysteriously able to enter the 60’s … although it’s not what it seems.


God bless Comic books. 

Not only am I anticipating yet another installment in the MCU, I’m greatly looking forward to one directed by Chloe Zhao, who’s mostly known for much more intimately human stories like The Rider and Songs My Brothers Taught Me

Eternals will have a unique perspective none of the other films in the MCU have so I’m excited to see where it goes and what can come out of it.

This list has only 20 films, so a few honourable mentions include Denis Vilneneuve’s Dune, Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch, Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland, and Stephen Spielberg’s West Side Story (yes, Spielberg is making a musical).

It feels like 2020 is going to be the year of highly creative movies worth our time so start making the popcorn.


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