Sound is a creative aspect of filmmaking that unfortunately can be overlooked by an audience, but what lengths do sound editors go to in order to create the perfect ambiance for a film?

Sound is crucial. It actually portrays a story in incredible ways that we can miss. 

Whether it be upbeat music at a dance club or the hauntingly quiet breaths of a captive, these sounds tell a story that affects how we perceive film. 

YouTube channel, Nerdwriter1, posted a video about how Walter Murch used the medium of sound to give incredible depth to scenes. 

In the video it talks about mixing muffled sounds from the recorded take with the actual soundtrack to help give a more real life effect to any scene. This technique which he calls “worldizing” helps the viewer feel like they are actually there with the characters. 

Give the video a look to see the innovative technique Walter Murch created.



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