Happy, healthy actors: Ways to keep your mind in good shape.

Admit it actors, we’ve all had a really good greasy burger with fries, a whole tub of ice-cream and endless amounts of chocolate, I get it. At the time it seems amazing, but once the cravings are satisfied, guilt and regret start to take its toll. As comforting as indulging and lounging around is, there needs to be balance. Being healthy is much more than just eating the right foods, it’s about keeping a healthy body, mind and soul.

Let’s talk food. Yes, eating a healthy diet does wonders for your body but how do you know what the best diet is? What foods will make you feel the greatest? With all of the different diet trends it can be confusing, so it’s best to keep it simple. Include fruits, vegetables, proteins and starches to your daily diet and remember to be eating the right portions. I go by the saying ‘eat like a king for breakfast, a queen for lunch and a peasant for dinner’ try not to over eat or under eat but find the happy medium. Food is just as important as drinking water, at least drink 8 glasses a day and keep a water bottle on you at all times. Sleep is another factor, actors do need their beauty sleep! Anywhere between 7-9 hours is a healthy amount. Being healthy shouldn’t feel like a burden, be kind to yourself and allow treat days. Here are a few different food trades you can do to eat healthier.

some substitutions

White bread: seeded or multigrain bread

Milk: Almond milk

Chocolate: dark chocolate

lollies: frozen mango or grapes.

It’s said that 80% of a healthy lifestyle is diet and 20% exercise. Seeing the word exercise can be very cringeworthy so I like to call it ‘being active’ and being active can be fun! If you like nature or adventure get out and go for a walk, find what you like. Working out doesn’t exactly mean going to the gym, while everyone is watching you sweat. Your body is like a vehicle, if you don’t put good fuel in it it’s not going to go anywhere. Whether you are on set, learning your lines, or stunt training, fuel your body with good nutritional food, activities and incorporate a balance into your work life.Organize, plan, schedule your workouts. What you put into it is what you will get out of it.


⦁ Feel better

⦁ Clearer mind

⦁ More energy

⦁ Less strain from everyday activities

Now let’s talk mental. Not only does staying healthy affect your body it also affects your mental state, that’s the simple truth. What you fuel into your body affects your thoughts and how you feel, nobody wants to hang around a person that’s grumpy, lethargic or has a lack of energy, start the day with in the right frame of mind. Being active releases endorphins into your body that trigger positive feelings, so if you’re feeling down in the dumps take a walk, smash out some sit ups or take a stretch. Having your mind over the matter is going to help when you’re struggling to stay awake on an overnight shoot, or having to repeat stunt scenes. Choose to have joy in every situation and remember to be thankful.

If you’re an actor wanting to include more of a nutritional and active balance in your daily routine, here’s some helpful tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle.



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