Heya Umbrellites,

It’s here.

Our last blog post was a whopping six months ago. In that time, The Initiative has battled bandits, starvation, Final Cut updates, and even each other (when dramatically appropriate). We’ve gathered allies in editing and composing and searched couch cushions for the handful of coins that would push our Indiegogo fundraising bar up another pip, tirelessly editing webisodes and combing through footage behind closed doors, our faces lit only by the soft glow of our monitors, dreaming of the day we could open up and give the people a glimpse of what we’ve been pouring ourselves into.

And now it’s here.

The Initiative’s journey toward our first feature film, is like a man stranded on a desert island rubbing sticks together. After months of catching whisps of smoke, our little pile of sticks has finally given way to the first, bright, glorious lick of flame. With your help. We have created fire.



The Umbrella is opening

-Zakk Arnold



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  • Charis Jackson

    Sooo good!

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