An Actor’s Life: The Best Podcasts Actors Should Hear

Actors can have extremely busy schedules, whether it’s preparing for auditions, learning lines, going to rehearsals, or working on set, free time can be a rarity. If that sounds like you, and you know you love to learn new things or get inspired, you should think about listening to podcasts while you wait for the bus, drive to work or make dinner, they’re great to listen to on the go. 

Here are some fantastic podcasts from industry professionals full of experiences, advice and resources: 

Actor Aesthetics 

Actor Aesthetic is hosted by NYC based actress Maggie Bera, she provides podcasts that are designed to educate and inspire creative artists pursuing the theatre industry. So if you’re into theatre and want helpful advice from someone who has experience and is currently active in the industry, she talks on getting visas for international actors, balancing a lifestyle of blogging and performing, ways to relax before auditions and more, check out Actor Aesthetic on Spotify. 

Acting Class Weekly with Sean Whaler 

Acting Class Weekly with Sean Whalen is another great one to listen to as it approaches the business side of becoming a working actor. There are heaps of podcasts with different content that he addresses like how an actor prepares for L.A., getting started, fundamentals of acting, and topics like do you need to go to college to be an actor? He shares really relatable things actors deal with and also interviews actors in the industry, so be sure to give this a listen on Spotify. 

Acting Successfully with Michelle Dyer

Michelle Dyer gives really insightful podcasts that cover a range of different topics like healthy eating, getting prepared for a big city like New York, auditions, and loads of helpful information on finances. She shares what she wishes she knew before starting out in musical theatre, and also interviews other actors in the business. You can find her podcasts online and on spotify. 

Hollywood Hustle 

This is the hub of hearing about the entertainment industry. Hollywood Hustle releases weekly podcasts to inspire everyday artists and breaks down what the ‘hustle’ is all about, there’s real life advice from people hustling towards success and stories about the business. If you’re an actor, screenwriter, director, or filmmaker this is for you. It’ll inspire you to keep hustling, check it out on Spotify. 


Off-Camera with Sam Jones are conversational interviews with artists, actors, musicians, and directors hosted by Sam Jones, a director and photographer, who created the show out of his passion. There are great interviews with Ethan Hawke, Edward Norton, Kristen Bell, Jenny Slate, and more. You can listen to their personal journey of how they ended up where they are. If you’re a fan of watching interviews with famous actors, give this podcast a listen online or Spotify.

The Dreaded Questions

The Dreaded Question is another great podcast that discusses the dreadful question, “So, what are you up to?” It’s the question that makes us hesitate. If you’re an actor that hates this question and wants to listen to other artists that have felt similar to you, then give this a listen to on Spotify. They interview artists and discuss what they do to find fulfillment inside and outside their artistic field. 

So, if you need some inspiration while you’re driving to work or waiting for your audition, give these podcasts a listen, learn, and grow from industry professionals.



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